Scrabble New South Wales

School Scrabble in NSW

As at February 2013, there is no formal School Scrabble program operating in New South Wales. Up until 2007 Scrabble NSW vigorously supported School Scrabble, resulting in many schools obtaining Scrabble starter kits. A network of well over 50 schools was formed at the time. It is believed that most of these schools no longer have a group operating within them. Scrabble NSW still has a Strategy for School Scrabble, should resources gain be allocated to develop this activity.

Schools are still invited to purchase a School Scrabble kit for $50 if they are interested in forming a group within their school. Within the kit will be two sets, a Collins Scrabble Dictionary and a manual for use by the teacher co-ordinating the school group. School Scrabble starter kits can be obtained upon application to the Scrabble NSW Vice President, Bob Jackman

Our Resources Centre for School Scrabble has been maintained and useful items for co-ordinators and students can be found in this area.

Between 2003 and 2007 Scrabble NSW staged competitions for school children, and these were well attended. Results and Ratings from these tournament have been kept in the archive.