Scrabble New South Wales

Major Committee Decisions by Committee Meeting since 2001

Committee Meeting 24th March 2024
  1. To charge the full $20 for Junior Members from July 1st 2024
  2. To implement a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Chris May's family and help fund Chris May Winter Masters

Committee Meeting 19 August 2023
  1. To subsidise Plate players at upcoming and future AMSCTs
  2. To work towards online score entry, with assistance from webmaster
  3. To rename Winter Masters as Chris May Winter Masters, and source an engraved board to be used as an award at the Nationals
  4. President to email welcome spiel to new members as they join

Committee Meeting 18th December 2022
  1. To revamp Scrabble NSW logo

Committee Meeting 27th August 2022
  1. to further enhance NSW Home Page my making it more inviting
  2. to revisit player achievements on home page and solicit the completion of the project
  3. to add full members to email list when not subscribed
  4. to finance an inner city meetup group to nurture competition Scrabble via social scrabble

Committee Meeting 5th March 2022
  1. Scrabble NSW to actively promote Scrabble in the Revesby and Sutherland catchments
  2. to expend resources boosting facebook posts when deemed advantageous
  3. to redesign NSW Home Page to include dedicated area for Next Event

Committee Meeting December 2021
  1. to set up a Woogles online Scrabble club room for the benefit of members of Scrabble NSW
  2. to charge $20 extra on top of social or full membership for receipt by mail of hard copy ATB

Committee Meeting 6th June 2021
  1. Future minor events run by Scrabble NSW will be director-free, with paperless draws and responsibilities shared
  2. Major Events being Winter Challenge and Masters, NSW Championship, Spring Marathon and City of Sydney International Masters will be directed by committee members on a rotational basis.
  3. Scrabble NSW website to be revamped to include player achievements, as was the case previously

Committee Meeting 13th December 2020
  1. Any player taking part in a tournament organised by Scrabble NSW (as opposed to a club event) must have current mebership with Scrabble NSW. The $10 levy still applies for players in club or private events using Scrabble NSW equipment
  2. For youth players to be labelled with Y on player lists distributed for public consumption

Zoom Committee Meeting 13th September 2020
  1. to grant an extension of time for completion of the Matchplay, with finishing date now by 2021 Matchplay Qualifier
  2. to have engraved wine glasses instead of trophies for the top 3 in the NSW Championship
  3. to mandate the wearing of a mask when an opponent opts to wear one in tournament run by Scrabble NSW
  4. to favour printing of ATBs locally rather than pay the levy component for National printing

Committee Meeting 8th February 2020
  1. Mittagong RSL to be tested with a local tournament before being used for a major event
  2. penalties on players not bringing equipment, or no-shows not to be introduced

Committee Meeting 8th December 2019
  1. to defer planning of 2021 Nationals until new committee comes on board
  2. to introduce a NSW Rule Variation to cover players leaving the playing area

Committee Meeting 15th September 2019
  1. to combine the Winter Masters and Winter Challenge into one event in 2020, with players rated between 1200 and 1300 having the choice of Division
  2. to confirm Banstown Sports as the venue for the 2021 Nationals
  3. to trial a new overdraw rule where any overdraws will result in opponent taking any tile of choice. In parallel, players are recommended to draw one tile at a time and lay face down in front before transferring to their rack

Committee Meeting 23rd February 2019
  1. to send to members on email a quarterly scrabble-related quiz
  2. to the change the name of 'club affiliation levy' to 'non-member insurance levy'
Committee Meeting 2nd December 2018
  1. Club affiliation levy of $100 vetoed at AGM to be replaced by $5 per head affiliation levy, to be paid by non-members attending clubs requiring public liability insurance certificate
Committee Meeting 2nd June 2018
  1. to purchase a Scrabble banner for $240
  2. club convenors receiving only one ATB will be required to pay the $10 levy or receive ATB electronically
  3. New members since last meeting will be listed in Membership Officer's report
Committee Meeting 3rd March 2018
  1. to sell scorebooks at $15 for 10 of 24 games per book
  2. to charge $10 to anyone wishing to have the ATB singularly posted to their home
  3. to scrap membership cards altogether
Committee Meeting 15th December 2017
  1. for there to be a single liaison person with Burwood RSL
  2. to charge for Scrabble NSW Score books in lots of 10
  3. to maintain a register of players to receive notifications of upcoming tournaments by text
Committee Meeting 2nd July 2017
  1. to purchase an overhead projector and screen
  2. to collect an additional $1 per player national tournament levy from now on
Committee Meeting 4th March 2017
  1. to revise the recommended rate for Tournament directors to $15 per game
  2. to pay committee members who are directing but not playing up to this amount
Committee Meeting 18th November 2016
  1. to decrease the Joan Rosenthal award cash prize to $100
  2. to rename the NSW Gold Medal to the Jan Serisier Gold Medal, with cash prize of $100
  3. to implement a libraries program, with packages for scrabble-active libraries
  4. to exempt non-members from host clubs from the $10 non-member surcharge
Committee Meeting 6th March 2016
  1. to lend Michael Tang 70 sets for the Causeway event in December, with conditions
  2. to take over running of, and reinstitute Teams Event
  3. to issue membership cards for all members renewing
  4. to rename the matchplay trophy the Jean McGiffen Matchplay award
  5. for Tony Hunt to be the NSW School Scrabble contact person
  6. to impose a $5 per annum surcharge on any members who has only their own ATB mailed to them
Committee Meeting 6th December 2015
  1. to purchase a large board and magnetic tiles for use in Scrabble promotions
  2. to produce duty statements for committee positions
  3. to have the NSW Championships internationally rated through WESPA
  4. to rename the matchplay trophy the Jean McGiffen Matchplay award
  5. to form a promotions sub-committee to stage fun days to attract new memners and new clubs
Committee Meeting 23rd May 2015
  1. to increase the non-member levy at tournaments equipped by Scrabble NSW to $10, excluding sponsored first-time players
  2. to run as many raffles as posible at Scrabble NSW tournaments
Committee Meeting 7th December 2014
  1. to distribute newly produced generic Scrabble NSW cards to clubs and members
  2. that future Matchplays be conducted as two groups of 8 players
  3. for new players to tournament Scrabble be given free entry to their first tournament, contingent on being sposored by a Scrabble NSW member or club
  4. to mandate the recording of blanks on the result slip by including it as a NSW Rules Variation
  5. for clubs requiring evidence of public liability insurance to be given the option of paying a $100 levy, if they do not wish to join all their regularly attending members into Scrabble NSW
  6. to offer incentives to club organisers to join their regularly attending members into Scrabble NSW
Committee Meeting 11th August 2014
  1. to redesign the Scrabble NSW letterhead
  2. for Bob Smith to be the preferred director for Scrabble NSW tournaments
Committee Meeting 8th February 2014
  1. to hold a one-day competition on the third day of the 2014 State Championships, ostensibly to encourage new players
  2. for Scrabble NSW to purchase and a quantity of mini Sam Timers for inclusion with NSW Tournament equipment
Committee Meeting 8th December 2013
  1. to restrict redraws for Scrabble NSW Tournaments to last game only, and only then if final outcome can be affected. Guidelines for Tournament Directors to be updated accordingly.
  2. for Scrabble NSW to purchase and trial a School Scrabble kit from Western Austraia
  3. to establish a Scrabble League on the Central Coast
Committee Meeting 25th May 2013
  1. Burwood RSL chosen as venue for 2014 National Championships
  2. to encourage committee members to learn score entry on TD Computer at tournaments
Committee Meeting 9th February 2013
  1. to make it mandatory for clubs requiring evidence of public liability insurance to join all their members into Scrabble NSW
  2. those players bringing rotating boards to be given preference to those not bringing them, in the event of flat boards being in use
  3. small rated midweek events supplying own equipment be limited to two per month
Committee Meeting Dec 2012
  1. to revamp the Scrabble NSW website, with assistance from Michael McKenna
  2. to divide games for future NSW Championships to 9, 8 and 7 on the final day
  3. for future Matchplays to be one division, with two tiers of 8 players going through, the bottom tier being below 1300
Committee Meeting 27th May 2012
  1. Five Dock Club booked for Australian Masters and State Challnge
  2. NSW supportive of CASPA bid to stage the 2013 WSC in Australia

Committee Meeting 12th February 2012
  1. to adhere to 25 minutes games for the 2013 CSIM
  2. to assist Victoria in the running of the 2012 Border Challenge
Committee Meeting 26th November 2011
  1. to alternate Matchplay events between regular matchplay and handicapped matchplay
  2. to engage a carpenter to attach hinged flaps the the NSW Championship trophy at $120
  3. noted that Waratah Room of Revesby Workers club to cost $450 to hire from now on
Committee Meeting 18th June 2011
  1. to allocate $250 per person for our two WSC representatives in Poland
Committee Meeting 27th February 2011
  1. that the mystery word be reset at $50 whenever it goes off, and that only five to eight-letter words are included
  2. that option for paying bills by BPay be ratified at the next AGM
Committee Meeting 28th November 2010
  1. to introduce a standing agenda item to cover the setting of the date for the next meeting
  2. to change the format for the 2011 Matchplay so that the top rating gainers qualify, and thereafter handicaps apply fo the head to head eliminations
  3. to form a sub-committee empowered to recommend changes to the Scrabble NSW constitution
  4. to increase the levy for two day tournaments to $1.50 prer head (from $1)
Committee Meeting 4th September 2010
  1. 50 Scrabble sets ordered
Committee Meeting 30th May 2010
  1. To purchase an additional 50 Scrabble sets, for School Scrabble and clubs at minimal cost
  2. To introduce a system of recording blanks, initially on a sheet to be distributed to each table, and eventually to be incorporated into result slips
  3. To authorise 24 hour marathon for rating purposes
  4. For liaison officer to contact clubs and offer general assistance
Committee Meeting 7th March 2010
  1. Not to change the current scoresheets
  2. Coordination of contributions to ATB handed to Vice President

Committee Meeting 13th December 2009

  1. To use tournament levies to fund a mystery word competition in events open to everyone, whereby the prize jackpots $20 extra each time it is not claimed, starting with $100 from Scrabble NSW funds
  2. To progress the Scrabble NSW bid to stage the World Championships in Sydney in 2011
  3. For the Liaison Officer position to be altered in role to cover liaison with clubs, to ensure they are properly resourced and promoted on Scrabble NSW website.
  4. To update the 'Tips for New Players' handout

September meeting not held due to lack of quorum

Committee Meeting 13th June 2009

  1. To amend the Scrabble NSW Variations to cater for Observation of Games, in line with the NZ rules
  2. Agreement to give $250 each to two NSW players attending World Scrabble Championships in Malaysia
Committee Meeting 14th February 2009
  1. CDs of Australian Scrabblers in Action to be sold for $20
  2. Scrabble NSW agreed to host this years Australian Masters in September
  3. Colour variations for milestones badges to be adopted
  4. Agreement reached to fund Facebook advertising of Scrabble, up to $150 over two months
  5. Facebook information sheet to be produced in return for advertising expenses
  6. $1000 of Scrabble NSW funds to be donated to Victorian Bush Fire appeal
Committee Meeting 21st September 2008
  1. Players banned from another State will not be allowed to play in Scrabble NSW sanctioned tournaments while the ban is in place
  2. Entry fees for two or three day tournaments organised by Scrabble NSW will be decided on a tournament by tournament basis taking into account all factors
  3. 20 sets will be offered to Tony Hunt to assist in the establishment of the South Coast Scrabble League
  4. All cheques in the future should be made out to Australian Scrabble Players Association NSW
  5. Five players down to the the 10th placegetter of the Winter Challenge may be invited to take part in the Winter Masters, excluding thjose who have already qualified
Committee Meeting 14th December 2008
  1. Suggestion for badges for 500 games rejected
  2. Scrabble NSW to investaigate viability of a bid fto host 2011 World Championships
  3. Scrabble NSW to organise 2009 Sydney Masters
  4. Result slips adjusted to accommodate game margin a sa cross check on submitted scores
Committee Meeting 8th June 2008
  1. A new laptop with wireless ability is to be purchased for helping run tournaments
  2. No equipment is to be disposed of without the knowledge of teh equipment officer
Committee Meeting 17th February 2008
  1. In NSW tournaments, the director may declare the result of the game
  2. Scrabble NSW trophy inserts to be available free of charge, but medallions to cost $2
  3. Reserve players at multiple day Masters events to pay full price
  4. Stick-on nametags will be provided for clubs wishing to use same, in lieu of plastic tags
  5. Approved PDAs may be used by a third party to check words ie runner, director or adjudicator
Committee Meeting 27th October 2007
  1. To introduce a rule variation enabling Tournament Directors to stop games which have gone over 5 minutes overtime and the result is not in doubt
  2. Scrabble NSW to pay entry fee for State Challenge contenders
  3. For Scrabble NSW tournaments in which there is a ratings cutoff, to invite players to be a reserve
  4. Children players under 13 must have prior approval from Scrabble NSW to play in an adult tournament, plus be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the tournament
  5. Nametags to be no longer included as part of tournament equipment
Committee Meeting 16th June 2007
  1. John Holgate was appointed the Scrabble NSW historian
  2. Scrabble NSW to provide certificates of achievement as part of tournament equipment
  3. Agreed to sell one star printer to ASPA (ACT)
Committee Meeting 17th February 2007
  1. To purchase two additional high speed look up printers
  2. To purchase 50 additional Scrabble sets from Mattel, for Scrabble Leagues and Schools
  3. To obtain quotes for certificates of participation (Juniors) and achievement (all)
  4. To give two sets per school competing in Gunnedah Spped Scrabble competition
  5. To adopt new Collins words on May 15th 2007
Committee Meeting 17th December 2006
  1. To purchase 12 more sets of protiles to bring the total number of sets to seventy
  2. to purchase a new lightweight printer compatible with new laptop and able to handle printing from dos-based programs
  3. to purchase a labeller for nametags
  4. to place the onus on diretors, not players, to start a clock at start of play for a player not at the table. This is at the discretion of the director
  5. to encourage the formation of regional scrabble leagues, wholly supported by Scrabble NSW
  6. not to support the concept of an Australian Youth Scrabble Championship at this stage
Committee Meeting 19th August 2006
  1. That the NSW Championships would be run with two sections and a floating boundary over three days
  2. That all achievement badges would stay blue in colour, with no colour differentiation for different milestones
  3. To purchase a new labeller for making name badges
  4. To further investigate Shore School as a potential Nationals venue
Committee Meeting 27th May 2006

No significant decisions were made at this meeting

Committee Meeting 11th February 2006

  1. To form a committee for organising the 2007 National Championships
  2. To provide special, easily recognisable bags for jumbo protiles
  3. That Scrabble NSW is opposed to any forfeited game being treated as a bye
Committee Meeting 10th December 2005
  1. To restrict contenders for the NSW Tournament Medal to Scrabble NSW members, and NSW or ACT tournaments
  2. To prepare a questionnaire addressing the format of the State Championships
  3. To investigate the viability of embroidered Scrabble NSW logos
  4. To purchase four large print tiles for the visually impaired at tournaments
  5. To waive non-member tournament levies for novices
Committee Meeting 3rd October 2005
  1. To try out the concept of a Tournament Medal for best performing contender at the State Championships, a contender being a player who has the highest ratings gain in a tournament during the year.
  2. To host the 2006 Australian Masters
Committee Meeting 27th August 2005
  1. For the membership officer to spend up to $500 on a copier
  2. To publish a quarterly Scrabble NSW newsletter to be distributed with ATB and made available on the Scrabble NSW website
  3. To reaffirm the recommendation that club tournaments be run with a break-even budget
  4. To revert to 4 Divisions and an Open for the 2005 State Championships
  5. To discontinue the School Scrabble domain registration
  6. To discontinue the Scrabble listing in the White Pages
Committee Meeting 21st May 2005
  1. To revise the recommended rate for Tournament Directors to $100 per day, or $120 if doing lookup as well, and $40 for lookup operators.
  2. To book the Bankstown Sports Club for the 2007 National Championships

Committee Meeting 19th February 2005

  1. To purchase 500 pens promoting Scrabble NSW
  2. To purchase a magnetic scrabble board to be used for promotional purposes

Committee Meeting 2nd December 2004

  1. To sell new boards and tiles to members at tournaments for $12 each, with a maximum of one per member.
  2. To compile and distribute to members with the March ATB a questionnaire relating to the format of the NSW Championships, aimed at both those members that played and those that did not play
  3. To convene a brief committee meeting directly after the 2005 AGM
  4. To contribute $100 towards trophies or voucher prizes for the 2005 Hills Junior Open, organised by Alan Gauci.
  5. To apply a six month ban from NSW Tournaments (including Border Challenge and National Championships) to a player who was found cheating nb. This action was decided by email just prior to the meeting
  6. To strive towards achieving greater vigilance by tournament directors at NSW tournaments

Committee Meeting 24th July 2004

  1. To reimburse Western Scrabble Network for tournament losses which were not due to overpayment of prizemoney, but to increase the levy for its next tournament only to $2 per player
  2. To only consider claims due for losses in the future where there are exceptional circumstances for the loss
  3. To present special name tags to NSW tournament players who have achieved 1000, 2000, 3000 etc tournament games, and to present these at the 2004 NSW Championships
  4. To provide playing boards and tiles for the Super School Scrabble challenge on September 1st
Committee Meeting May 23rd 2004
[Meeting conducted without quorum, to be reconsidered next meeting]
  1. Not to reimburse Western Scrabble Network for tournament losses
  2. To accept the concept of fixed boards carrying a butterfly sticker, which cannot be moved from the table upon which they are first placed
  3. To contribute to cost of storage cupboard at president's Berowra residence, to store ASPA (NSW) stock, deploying committee labour
  4. To further investigate the production of special name tags for players who have reached 1000 and 2000 games
Committee Meeting 21st February 2004
  1. To add a new tournament to the NSW calendar for players rated below 1300. This will be a two day tournament with first prize minimum $500, to be held annually, a week prior to the Winter Masters.
  2. To obtain an ABN to quote when invoicing schools
  3. To set up NSW Junior Scrabble ratings system just for junior players playing in juniors only tournaments. It was agreed unanimously that results of NSW junior tournaments should be excluded from the national ratings system.
Committee Meeting 7th December 2003
  1. To sell brand new boards and tiles to existing clubs who supply members at $6 each. Formula is 1 set per four members once free set member quota has been reached
  2. To use surplus tiles caused by protile introduction for new clubs
  3. To sell starter Scrabble kits to schools for $30, and this to include one years membership, guaranteeing ATB reaches the school group.
  4. To purchase new laptop computer
  5. To dispense with half membership for members of affiliated clubs and tournament players. Clubs to be encouraged to sign all their regular players as members, to help defray rising insurance costs
  6. To register as domain name for Scrabble NSW website
Committee Meeting 17th August 2003
  1. To amend the NSW clock rule so that now the 'Clocks not having to be used in first three tournaments' only applies to Recreational Division
  2. To donate $100 cash and book prizes to Alan Gauci's junior tournament
  3. To deploy the logo chosen at the meeting
Committee Meeting 24th May 2003
  1. To purchase 50 sets of protiles at a discounted price, to replace existing tournament tiles
  2. To ascertain content of Australian Scrabble sets, and information about Scrabble hotline (JB)
  3. Alison Pollard appointed Records Officer and inform Steve Sunter of national records achieved in NSW. NSW records to be incorporated into website.
  4. To have gold embossed wine glasses for trophies at NSW Championships
  5. President to be made signatory on cheque book to enable greater ease of access to account.
Committee Meeting 23rd February 2003
  1. To expend $100 on 50 new tile bags to rotate with existing 50
  2. To purchase 10 rotating boards from Thailand on behalf of ASPA (NSW) to be raffled or sold to members
  3. To list experienced tournament personnel with their areas of expertise on the website, and recommend to tournament organisers they choose from these.
Committee Meeting 8th December 2002
  1. To implement a memorial board, donated by the Jackmans, for Ros Gibbons
  2. To accept memorial boards for other deceased players if they are circular rotating, and either donated or bequeathed
  3. To stage a NSW/ACT Matchplay in 2003
  4. To change the two-day format of NSW Championships to split equally, rather than one Open section as in 2002
Committee Meeting 17th August 2002
  1. To have a 2-day Open in the NSW Championships in lieu of Recreation & Intermediate
  2. To produce 10,000 brochures, free to clubs
  3. To investigate costs of badges for NSW players who have played 1000 or 2000 games
Committee Meeting 1st June 2002
  1. ATBsto be distributed at tournaments, or to Club Presidents 'en masse'
  2. Definition of affiliated club is now any club with at least one ASPA (NSW) member that is open to all comers
  3. Etiquette document to be sent to new members
Committee Meeting 24th February 2002
  1. For NSW Tourmaments to now use National Rules with State variations, in lieu of NSW Rules, now abandoned
  2. To add ASPA (NSW) email address to White Pages entry
  3. To investigate possibility of Scrabble mugs for fund-raising or prizes
Committee Meeting 11th November 2001
  1. To encourage clubs to pass on their club members to the Association as half members, in return for additional benefits
  2. To encourage greater vigilance by Tournament Directors especially in relation to rotating boards, and cleaning playing area.
  3. For Vice-President Peggy Womersley to pursue sponsorship, hopefully with results for Summer Masters.
Committee Meeting 19th August 2001
  1. To publish major decisions made affecting membership on this website
  2. To replace all 50 tournament sets with 50 brand new sets originally allocated to School Scrabble
  3. To furnish schools adopting school scrabble with used tournament sets rather than brand new sets
  4. To stipulate that tournament games should be a whole number of minutes for each player
  5. To trial a system of anchoring rotating boards (later revoked after unforerseen difficulties encountered)