Scrabble New South Wales

Scrabble NSW Dispute Register

1. Incorrect Word Submitted on Challenge Slip

Situation: Player A plays the word UNSTATES. Player B challenges and inadvertently writes the word UNSTATE. Player A fails to realize the wrong word has been written down. The challenge is submitted, and UNSTATE comes back marked correct. Player B then realises the wrong word was on the challenge slip, and requests a rechallenge, this time with the correct word. Player A claims this cannot be done.

Resolution: Player B is allowed to rechallenge. A rechallenge is deemed to be allowed to bring the challenge into line with what was actually played.

2. Writing Down of Score after Challenge Announced

Situation: Player A plays a word and announces the score, then Player B challenges. Player B writes down the word and submits the challenge slip. Player B then writes down the score on the scoresheet. Player A claims this validates the move.

Resolution: The challenge stands. The writing down of the score does not negate the challenge.

3. Tile Found Part-way into Game

Situation: Players A and B have commenced game, and about 3 moves in, Player A notices a tile lying upside down on the board. Player B claims the game should be restarted.

Resolution: The tile was placed back in the bag, and the game continued.

4. Seating Arrangements

Situation: Two players are arguing as to where they wish to sit and cannot agree

Resolution: Both players draw a tile and the winner has the choice

5. Declaration of blank

Situation: Players disagree on what tile the blank represents in a previously played word

Resolution: The records of the player of the blank take precedence. However, if the opponent has recorded the blank, and the player has not, then the opponent's record will be accepted. If neither player has recorded the blank, the player of the contentious blank nominates a letter to make an allowable word.

6. Tiles drawn before successful challenge launched

Situation: Player A plays a word and draws tiles while Player B is still considering a challenge. Player B challenges and the word played is found to be incorrect.

Resolution: The incorrect word comes off the board. Player B views the seven tiles on the rack and decides which one (or ones) player A can keep to complement the tiles coming off the board. Player A then misses a turn.

7. Opening move misses centre pink square

Situation: The opening move misses the centre square, and the misplacement is discovered (1) immediately or (2) later in the game

Resolution: In the case of (1) the opponent may choose any of the three following options:-

  • allow the incorrect placement to stand, after halving the score
  • allow you to have another turn
  • make you miss a turn

    In the case of (2) the opponent may exercise the first option above.

    In each case, it is left to the opponent to determine, the penalty, if any.

    8. Tile(s) found when bag is empty

    Situation: A tile, or tiles, is/are found on the floor, or on the table, when bag is empty, and before result slip has been signed

    Resolution: Tile(s) is declared to be out of play and game proceeds without it/them

    n.b for tile(s) found when bag is not empty, 3 above refers

    9. Writing of score

    Situation: Player B starts writing down the score for a word, then decides to challenge before he has completed writing down the score. Player A claims that the challenge cannot proceed

    Resolution: Player B is allowed to challenge as the score has only been partially recorded

    Date last updated: 28th February 2013