Scrabble New South Wales

Hub-based Round Robins with Online Finals

In this scenario, it is envisaged that there will be groups of players playing simultaneous Round Robins of 6 players in peoples homes. The player group could be a club, or just a miscellaneous group of players. There will be five game so face to face play folowed by a 6th King of the Kill round. The winners of each hub group will then progress to a final game, to be played on either ISC or Scrabble Go, to determine the overall winners of the event. The online games will not be rated.

Each group will have a hub supervisor who will ensure that all games are played according to the rules. The hub supervisor will announce draws and submit results to the tournament supervisor, either by text, by WhatsApp or by Messenger. The tournament supervisor will decide the pairings for the finals, which will be played as online games in the host hub at the end of the day. At the end of the event the tournament supervisor will submit a single file of mutiple Round Robin groups for National Rating.