Scrabble New South Wales

Information for Tournament Novices

Attending a Scrabble Tournament for the first time may seem like a harrowing experience. But such is rarely the case, and in all probability you will very much enjoy your first tournament.

Before the event, you are advised to read through the National Rules, most of which will be in effect on the day. You should also check the NSW Variations to Rules which override certain parts of the National Rules. All relevant rules will be prominently displayed at the tournament.

The tournament flyer will spell out the playing conditions, such as the number of sections, number of games, lengths of games, as well as start time, location, and any local rules which may be in force. If you don't have a flyer, ring the Tournament Organiser listed on the Tournament Calendar and ask for one to be sent to you. You should also let the tournament organiser know of your intention to play, being sure to mention that this is your first tournament. It is most important that you notify the Tournament Organiser, should you find yourself unable to attend on the day, as draws are usually pre-organized.

You will be placed in the lowest Division, unless your club President enters you and advises the Tournament Organiser to the contrary. You will be paired against a regular player in your first game, and you will not be required to use a clock.

Tournament players have certain obligations. Some of these may be mentioned on the flyer. Some of these may also be covered in the rules. However, so that you are fully prepared on the day, you are advised to read the Obligations of Tournament Players, prepared especially for novices.

Scrabble NSW welcomes players of any skill level to its tournaments. A good knowledge of Two-Letter Words will equip you well for your first tournament. Some knowledge of the Three-letter words will guarantee even more success. Meanings of the more obscure three-letter words can be found in the word document Non-everyday three-letter words. To complement these word lists, we have prepared some Tips for New Players.

We have a word of warning for Tournament Novices. After your first tournament, you will, in all probability, be hooked.