Scrabble NSW Protocols for Tournament Play

Last Updated 27th May 2023
The following Scrabble NSW protocols apply to all tournaments approved by Scrabble (NSW):-

Rule 2.1

Rule 2.1 States: If at least one player wants to use a time clock, it must be used, subject to availability and the agreement of the Tournament Director.

NSW Protocol in relation to Rule 2.1 (updated by committee 8/03)

Players taking part in their first, second or third tournament do not have to use a time clock if they are playing in Recreation Division

Part 3 - Scoring

Rule 3.1

Rule 3.1 in part states: If they continue to not scores and totals, call for the Tournament Director.

New NSW Protocol to come after Rule 3.1

A recount of individual moves can be requested by either player at games end. The requester's clock should be running during the recount.

Variation to above protocol under consideration by the NSW Committe as of May 2023

Recounts of scores are only allowed for last move played by either player. Adjustments to other previously agreed scores for moves are not allowed

Rule 11.7

Rule 11.7 in part states "The loser must arrange the tiles in a 10x10 square "

NSW Protocol in relation to 11.7

It is the responsibility of both players to ensure that tiles are reorganized on either the anchored rotating board or an ASPA (NSW) supplied board in a 10x10 grid in preparation for the next game.

NSW Protocol in relation to Rule 11.6a

Variation agreed by committee on 27/10/2007

At the point where the majority of other games have been completed and one player has gone five minutes over time, the Tournament Director may, at his or her discretion, stop the game

Protocol in relation to Rule 12.4

Variation agreed to by committee on 20/06/2009

An observer may watch the plays of a player provided the observer obtains permission from both players and the observer sits behind the player being observed so that both players racks are not viewable. No communication can take place between the observer and either player, and if the observer leaves the table, partway through he/she may not return to resume observing.

NSW Protocol regarding leaving the playing area

Variation agreed to by committee on 8/12/2019

If a player requires to leave the playing area for whatever reason, that player must complete their move, cover their rack, neutralise the clock and inform the tournament director where possible. The opponent is free to consider their next move and complete their bookwork without restriction.