Scrabble New South Wales

NSW Spring Marathon - October 2007

Report from John Holgate

The 2007 October Marathon had 46 starters this year (a record for the event).

The Macarthur Room at Revesby Workers was the venue for the 12-rounder.

Joan Rosenthal continued her great one-day form by heading the pack by lunch time with a strong win over me 498/328(LIQUATES, SHUNNER). After a couple of fortunate 'grannies' against Victor Tung (609 - IDOLISE, CORTICAL, GEMINATE, GENISTA) and Peter Shaw (559 - DELUSION, REVISOR, LITOTES, BEASTIE - with NOODGED blocked to go out) I returned to table one until Rene Chelton and Bob Jackman put a dint in my progress. Bob's 523/354 included the clever eight onto an N with EGGIORR (*). At the end of round 11 there were eight players tied on eight wins - as they say in racing parlance - with not a struck match between them. Joan's 100+ win against the promising Nick Cavenagh guaranteed her a win on spread with me, Bob, Peter Shaw and Victor taking the minors. It was encouraging to see the top four places filled by 'veterans' for a change (I'm told Scrabble is largely played with the 'white matter' of the brain which only diminishes after 70). The Young Turk Edward Okulicz finished ninth (after partying the night before). Hopefully Edward has used up his bad luck before Mumbai.

Jan Serisier won the ratings prize (+80), Nick Cavenagh the second (+64) and talented Illawarra teenager Kitty-Jean Laginha (+53) the third. Greg Pinchbeck's RENAMING (147) was high word.