Scrabble ® New South Wales
Membership, Benefits and How to Join
Scrabble NSW is a non-profit, self-supporting organisation which relies on a membership base to fulfil the aims stated in it's constitution. Full members can enjoy being part of an organised Scrabble scene in New South Wales and have their say in matters which affect them. Full members can also play in rated tournaments without surcharge. Social membership is also available for those not wishing to take part in tournaments. Social members still receive the benefit of insurance cover during club play, the quarterly electronic magazine by email and discounts on publications.

We hope that you will strongly consider joining our Association, either as a social member or as a full member, even if you are not immediately contemplating joining a club, or attending a tournament. The regular receipt of the magazine, "Across the Board" will provide you with continuous information.

Social Membership has been set at $10 per year, whilst full membership is $20 per year. Additional costs apply for receipt of the quartely magazine in hard copy format. To join our Association, click on the 'Join Scrabble NSW' link on the title page or click here to go directly to the interactive form you can fill out online.

Further enquiries about membership should be directed to our membership officer, Colleen Birch, on 0413 999 465, or by email to

Note: Details above updated on 21/11/2021