Scrabble ® New South Wales
About Us
The Australian Scrabble Players Association (New South Wales Division) is an incorporated body, having achieved incorporation in June 1996. We also are known as Scrabble New South Wales, or Scrabble NSW.

Scrabble NSW operates under a constitution which can only be changed by majority vote at an Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting is held each year on the Sunday of the October long weekend, during the New South Wales Championship. The committee for the following year is elected at each AGM.

Scrabble NSW has a network of affiliated clubs. For a club to be affiliated it needs to ensure all of its regular players are either club members (half members) or full members of Scrabble NSW. Any club requiring evidence of Public Liability Insurance is required to be affiliated

Scrabble NSW also maintains a listing of active groups that do not wish to be affiliated. These as well as the full list of affiliated clubs by region can be found in our Club Directory.

Scrabble NSW conducts seven major tournaments each year. These are:

JANboree, first Saturday in January (9 game round robin in groups of 10; 22 minutes per player)
The City of Sydney Masters, January Australia Day weekend (20 games, open to players rated above 1000; 25 minutes per player)
NSW Matchplay Qualifier, February (9 game open; 22 minutes per player)
The Winter Challenge, mid July (16 games, rating up to 1300; 22 minutes per player)
The Winter Masters, late July (20 games, rating from 1300; 22 minutes per player)
New South Wales Championships, October long weekend (24 games open; 25 minutes per player)
Spring Marathon, mid October (12 game open; 20 minutes per player)
Past placegetters and records from these events are continually collated.

Winners and Runners Up of Matchplays since 2003 have also been collated.

All tournament organised by Scrabble NSW are conducted with National Rules, with any Scrabble NSW Protocols in force. This also applies to tournament organised by affiliated clubs, sanctioned by Scrabble NSW for ratings purposes. Scrabble NSW maintains it's own Dispute Register to further assist Tournament Directors in making rulings at organised tournaments. A national Tournament Etiquette document is also maintained to cover mainly ethical situations not covered by the rules.

Scrabble NSW confers a series of awards on it's tournament players. These are the Joan Rosental Ratings Award for the player who records the largest ratings increase in the previous 12 months and the Jan Serisier Tournament Medal for the qualifying contender who records the highest ratings increase at the NSW Championships. Details of past winners of these three awards can be viewed here.

Scrabble NSW welcomes school-aged youth players at it competitions and in our online playing room. One of our members, Tony Hunt, is driving the involvement of youth and organises outdoor competitions during school vacations suitable for youth. For more information on youth matters, visit our Youth Page.

In 2008 Scrabble NSW obtained an ABN. It is 78 027 997 161