Scrabble ® New South Wales
Information for Members
Each year, a new committee of 12 persons is elected at the Annual General Meeting, held in conjunction with the NSW Championships over the October long weekend. At the 2015 AGM, the membership elected the current committee.

The committee meets three or four times during the year to deliberate on matters affecting the membership. Minutes of meetings are available on request to the secretary, but a record has been kept here of major decisions made by past committees, going back to August 2001. Minutes of meetings for past three years are as follows: 6th June 21; 19 Dec 21; 5 Mar 22; 27 Aug 22; 18 Dec 22; 19 Aug 23; 24 Mar 24. The minutes of the last meeting held can be found here.

As members you are encouraged to elect the committee you feel will best serve your needs as a Scrabble player. Any member is free to nominate any other member to serve on the committee. All you need to do is complete a Nomination Form and forward it to the Secretary at the address shown thereon to arrive no less than five weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting are available here. A copy of the Association's Constitution, revised and adopted at the 2011 Annual General Meeting, is also provided for your information.

Your committee aims to serve its members to the best of its ability. You can have your say by discussing issues with members of the existing committee, or submitting matters for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.

Electronic versions of quarterly Across the Board magazines received by hard copy or email by members are also available here, for the current year: September 2019 ATB/ December 2019 ATB March 2020 ATB June 2020 ATB September 2020 ATB December 2020 ATB March 2021 ATB June 2021 ATB Sept 2021 ATB Dec 2021 ATB Mar 2022 ATB June 2022 ATB September 2022 ATB December 2022 ATB March 2023 ATB June 2023 ATB September 2023 ATB December 2023 ATB March 2024 ATB